Giant sea creature from nightmares


Level: 5 (15)
Motive: Hungers for flesh
Environment: Deep ocean
Health: 40
Damage Inflicted: 2 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: Speed defense as level 3 due to size. Perception as level 4.
Combat: The Cthuwhal’s head is a mass of thousands of small tentacles which can extend a short distance from itself to collect food as it passes near swarms of fish or anyone else unfortunate enough to get too close to the Cthuwhal’s head. It’s large humanoid arms are used when it attacks a large creature or ship, holding it immobile while the poisonous barbs on it’s tentacles disable and rip prey apart to deposit in the mouth that is hidden deep in the maw of tentacles.
The Cthuwhal can attack with multiple tentacles at a time. It can target a single creature with up to 4 tentacles and can attack multiple creatures in a round.
Anyone hit by 3 of more tentacles are grabbed and the difficulty of all actions increases by 2 until the next round.
The tentacles are poisoned. A Might defense level 5 is needed to overcome the poison. Failure stuns the target for a single round.
Interaction: Interacting with a Cthuwhal is impossible. It is not a very intelligent creature and it exists to feed.
Loot: Cthuwhals rip apart and eat anything organic but other things make it into their bellies. Ripping open the stomach of a Cthuwhal usually yields 1d6 cyphers and 2d6 oddities.


The Cthuwhal is a creature spawned by some nightmare in an age long gone. The creature is massive, measuring at 100 feet (30m) long and weighing over 2 tonnes this monster swims in the deep oceans feeding primarily on schools of fish. It has two large humanoid arms which it uses to grasp large sea creatures or even ships as it feeds on the crew. The head of the Cthuwhal is like a giant blind eyeball, but where the eye should be is instead a writing mass of tentacles which extend out and pull prey into the toothy maw hidden inside.


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