Mario Sataris

A Stealthy Jack who Wields Two Weapons at Once


Descriptor: Stealthy
Type: Jack
Focus: Wields Two Weapons at Once

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 2

Pools and Edge

Might: 10/15
Edge: 1

Speed: 13/13
Edge: 0

Intellect: 10/10
Edge: 0

Recovery: +1


  • Stealthy (Speed) – Trained
  • Illusion Esotaries (Speed) – Trained
  • Trickery Esotaries (Speed) – Trained
  • Lies & Trickery (Intellect) – Trained
  • Numenera (Intellect) – Trained
  • Movement Related Tasks (Speed) – Inability

Special Abilities

  • Practiced in Light and Medium Weapons – May use light/medium weapons without penalty
  • Flex Skill – Once per day may choose a single skill and become trained in it for the next 28 hours. When choosing a new skill, training in the previous skill is lost
  • Thrust (1 Might) – +1 damage with melee attack. Weapon must have sharp edge
  • Practiced in Armor – Reduces Might and Speed penalties for wearing armor by 2
  • Duel Light Wield – You can use two light weapons at the same time, making two separate attacks on your turn as a single action. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action, but because you make separate attacks, your opponent’s Armor applies to both. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both attacks, unless it’s specifically tied to one of the weapons.

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Armor: 1 (Leather Jerkin)

Weapons: Katana (Medium Weapon), Forearm Blade (Light Weapon), Buzzer (Light Short Range Weapon)


  • Clothing
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • Bag of Light Tools
  • 8 shins
  • pieces of hilt (incomplete)



  • Mind Controlling Poison – Level 6 lipstick causes person kissed to answer truthfully for one minute


  • Blob of clay that takes on various shapes when not being touched

Grew up on the streets.

Named his forearm blade; Fortunada Isabella Sophia Tarafina Eliza Raphaella, or F.I.S.T.E.R.

Named his Katana; Red Lady

Mario Sataris

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