Clever Jack who Hunts with Great Skill


Descriptor: Clever
Type: Jack
Focus: Hunts with Great Skill

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 5

Pools and Edge

Might: 13/13
Edge: 1

Speed: 13/13
Edge: 0

Intellect: 13/13
Edge: 0

Recovery: +1


  • Athletics (Might) – Trained
  • Tracking (Speed) – Trained
  • Lies or Trickery (Intellect) – Trained
  • Mind Effects Defense (Intellect) – Trained
  • Sense Motive (Intellect) – Trained
  • Numenera (Intellect) – Trained
  • Knowledge, Lord and Understanding (Intellect) – Inability

Special Abilities

  • Practiced in Light and Medium Weapons – May use light/medium weapons without penalty
  • Flex Skill – Once per day may choose a single skill and become trained in it for the next 28 hours. When choosing a new skill, training in the previous skill is lost
  • Pierce (1 Speed) – +1 damage with ranged attack
  • Practiced in Armor – Reduces Might and Speed penalties for wearing armor by 2

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Armor: 1 (Leather Jerkin)

Weapons: Buzzer – 5 shot reload(Short Range Light Weapon), Forearm Blade (Light Weapon)


  • Clothing
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • Bag of Light Tools
  • Padded Boots (+1 stealth)
  • 18 shins
  • gears and wires needed to make forearm blade retractable (incomplete)



  • Metal Death – Level 7 can of spray foam turns metal thin and brittle in 3×3 feet up to 6 inches deep
  • Mechanical Control Implant – pills that when swallowed connect minds allowing you to control the other person for 10 minutes


  • Two tiny metal rods that when brought together will vibrate 15 minutes before the sun rises

Ex law officer who lost a loved one to a waste land bandit. He went outside the law to track down and kill the bandit, long with all of the bandit’s clan mates. Now he wanders the waste land attempting to regain his lost humanity. He thinks joining this group as a chance to become whole again, if he can overcome his own independence. Max is the perfect wasteland survivor.


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