A Tough Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel


Descriptor: Tough
Type: Glaive
Focus: Fuses Flesh and Steel

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 7

Pools and Edge

Might: 14/14
Edge: 1

Speed: 13/13
Edge: 1

Intellect: 13/13
Edge: 0

Recovery: +2


  • Might Defense (Might) – Trained
  • Balance (Speed) – Trained
  • Knowledge, Lord and Understanding (Intellect) – Inability
  • Resist Mental Attacks (Intellect) – Inability

Special Abilities

  • Practiced in all Weapons – May use all weapons without penalty
  • Practiced in Armor – May wear all types of armor. Reduces the penalty for wearing armor by 2
  • No Need for Weapons – unarmed attacks are treated as medium weapons
  • Bash (1 Might) – deal 1 less damage with melee attack. Attack dazes for 1 round
  • Special Healing – 1/2 heal. First 5 points of damage cannot be recovered, must be repaired

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Armor: 3 (Beast-skin)

Weapons: Razor Ring (Light Weapon), Forearm Blade (Light Weapon), Quarterstaff (Medium Weapon), Unarmed Strike (Medium Weapon)


  • Clothing
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • Bag of Light Tools and parts
  • 5 shins



  • Visual Displacement Device – Bracelet that projects extra holographic images of the wearer. Grants an asset to Speed defense actions for 10 minutes
  • Ray Emitter – sub-dermal implant fires ray that deals 7 points of heat damage
  • Hunter Seeker – small tube that deals 4 points electrical and stuns target for 6 rounds. Makes 7 attempts to hit before falling inert.


  • Bag of 16 rubber balloons

Wears Medium armor – No hourly cost, Speed reduced by 1

Old trainer still expects PRIS to come back and sharpen her blades and clean u after her classes, but when she does, Mistress occasionally shares industry rumors.

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