The Cardinal

High Ranking Aeon Priest


Level – 6 (18)
Motive – To unite the nine kingdoms under the wisdom and knowledge of the Order of Truth
Health – 22
Armor – 2
Damage Inflicted – 5 points
Movement – Short

Modification – Defends as level 7. Resists mental effects as level 8. Mental Attacks as level 7.

Combat – The Cardinal prefers subterfuge and utilizes his many cyphers and artifacts for this purpose. Notable Numenera include a ruby ring which creates a field of invisibility around him for two minutes, a belt which creates a constant, light anti-gravity field. This field allows him to move quickly despite his girth. The Cardinal carries a small, clockwork dragon which sprays a sleeping gas in a short range. Implanted within his sinus cavity is a small filter which improves his defense against gases and toxins by two.

He has slight psychic power gained by nanotech that rewired his brain, granting him two abilities; Kinetic Field – Gives him an armor rating of 2 (enabler), and Mind Burst – psychic assault that deals 5 intellect damage.

Interaction – The Cardinal is a jovial fellow who enjoys conversing at length about any Numenera that affects the world on a grand scale. He has little interest in cyphers or oddities but instead wants to know how the giant machines work. He prefers to conduct business over a meal and his meals are always lavish. Under the facade of the fat priest hides a very cunning intellect. The Cardinal is high ranking within the Order of Truth and he believes very strongly that through the Numenera the people will gain knowledge. Through knowledge the people will gain enlightenment. Through enlightenment the people will become the next great civilization. He believes that the Order of Truth is destined to lead the Steadfast to unity and to glory.

Use – The Amber Pope has placed The Cardinal in charge of gathering new Numenera to assist in the crusade against the Gaians. To this end The Cardinal has conscripted Aeon Priests to train acolytes and send them into the Beyond to gather information. Even if acolytes never meet him, they know who he is. The Cardinal is their general and he directs his lieutenants to send the soldiers out and bring back technology that can be used for the advancement of the Steadfast.

Loot – The Cardinal typically has 5d6 shins, 2d6 cyphers, 3 artifacts and a variety of ritual objects. He is usually dressed in formal attire. His preferred color clothing is red.


Only the Cardinal remembers his real name, and whenever someone asks he just smiles and says he is named by the people. He is a kind man who believes that the work he does is for the good of all people who live in the Steadfast.

The Cardinal entered the Aeon Priesthood when he was young. Official records state that the Cardinal was apprenticed in Qi but reports sometimes place him in several other locations. While the details of his youth are scarce, The Cardinal truly became noticed when he returned from an assignment in the Sea of Secrets. The Cardinal had found a device which created food and water out of nothing. He pressed several buttons and then whatever food or drink you desired would appear on a small shelf within the device. The Cardinal traveled all over the Steadfast giving feasts to people who didn’t normally have a lot of food. The device functioned perfectly for years and The Cardinal gained a reputation for being generous, kind, pious and also very wise. He met Aeon priests from around every kingdom and became friends with them all. For nearly a decade he wined and dined with everyone from peasants to kings.

All the while he cultivated his connections. When the day finally came that the device ran out of power The Cardinal was well positioned to move into a new form of study. Older and significantly larger than he was in his youth, The Cardinal was assigned the job of finding and learning new Numenera that could be useful for The Steadfast. Publicly the Amber Pope said it was to find more technology like the food machine but in private he directed The Cardinal to find new weapons and defense systems for the soldiers in the crusade. Eager to provide on all accounts, The Cardinal has been recruiting any with a desire to travel to go forth and bring back Numenera for the Order, and for the Steadfast.

The Cardinal

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