Vhonn Zhule

A Learned Nano who Wields Power with Precision


Descriptor: Learned
Type: Nano
Focus: Wields Power with Precision

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 5

Pools and Edge

Might: 0/10
Edge: 0

Speed: 5/11
Edge: 0

Intellect: 16/20
Edge: 1

Recovery: +1


  • Numenera (Intellect) – Specialized
  • Ancient Languages (Intellect) – Trained
  • Engineering (Intellect) – Trained
  • Charm, Persuasion, Etiquette (Intellect) – Inability

Special Abilities

  • Practiced in Light Weapons – May use light weapons without penalty
  • Ward – Shield of energy grants +1 to armor
  • Onslaught (1 Intellect) – Short range mental attack deals 2 Intellect damage (ignores armor)

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Armor: 1 (Psychic Energy Shield)

Weapons: Rapier (Light Weapon)


  • Clothing
  • Book about the Numenera (asset bonus)
  • Book about Quantum Mechanics (asset bonus)
  • Book about Gravitational Phenomenon (asset bonus)
  • 4 shins



  • Magnetic Master – Level 4 metal gloves that control one metal object within short range for 10 rounds
  • Memory Lenses – Contact Lenses that allow wearer to record everything he sees for 30 seconds and record it permanently in his long-term memory.


  • Feathered hat that occasionally makes bird noises


Not a charming person. Socially awkward.

Member of The HOUSE OF ZHULE, son of legendary Nano Shantara Zhule,first born daughter of The House Of Zhule and Ghaul Galeon, Of the House Of Galeon.

Respects only knowledge. Mother’s storied past and the renown of House Zhule overwhelms him.

Vhonn Zhule

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