Water Elemental

Creature made of water with hunger for energy


Level: 7 (21)
Motive: Hunger for energy
Environment: Any body of water
Health: 21
Damage Inflicted: 10
Armor: 4
Movement: Short
Modifications: Hides in water as level 9, Speed defense as level 6 due to size. resist mind effects at level 8.
Combat: The water elemental attacks foes by engulfing them within itself and then draining them of their electrical energy. The elemental can also lash out and whip multiple targets from short range for 5 damage.
In addition, the elemental can’t be completely killed. It reforms within 1d6 hours unless it is heated to evaporation. A water elemental evaporates at much higher temperature than normal water.
Interaction: While clearly intelligent, the water elemental does not respond to any form of interaction and is unwilling to be reasoned with.
Use: Water elementals drain energy and can move through any body of water. They can get into cities, ships, homes, and many other places and drain the power from these places causing damage, chaos and death.


Living water, the water elemental survives by feeding on energy. It prefers the electrical energy of living creatures, but any kind of concentrated energy will do. Elementals are often solitary creatures that live in deep water feeding on sailors and shipwrecks.

The body of the water elemental is fluid and can change based on the whim of the creature. most prefer serpentine forms but humanoid and other shapes have been seen. The elementals are highly intelligent but do not speak any known language nor do they respond to psychic attempts at communication.

Water Elemental

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