Camelot: The Convergence

Battle of Boregal

Day 31

Getting to the Embered Peaks was quite a hike! I was nearly exhausted when we arrived at the town. Unfortunately a hot meal and a warm bed were not in the cards. Immediately upon arrival we knew something was terribly wrong. The people looked like they had been fighting in a war. There were random fires and everyone was staring at everyone with suspicion and hate.

We started asking around to try to get some idea what was going on. Everyone we spoke to had clearly gone mad! They were paranoid, violent and terrified. We had all but given up when a man in the shadows of a nearby alley whispered at us.

“Psst!” He whispered then more loudly, “Hey! I hear you’re looking for the man in charge. I…I can tell you where he is. But you have to keep me safe. Safe from THEM!”

We could tell that whatever paranoia was affecting the town was also affecting him but we offered him a cypher in exchange for information. He told us about the building at the center of town that was once the home of a local religious order,the Devoirs. He told us we could find Magistrate Yieran there.

So we moved through town making sure to stay clear of any groups that looked dangerous until we found the building in question. Inside the place was in a total state of disarray. Books and papers littered the floors and sections of wall crumbled around them. As we entered the building there was a young man tearing through a nearby desk and muttering to himself, “Where is it? It’s not here!”

The young man was named Chahil and he was an acolyte for Magistrate Yieran. Apparently the magistrate had sent him to look for certain documents that had been written by others in the order but Chahil was having a hard time locating them. Max was his usual charming self and threatened to butcher Chahil if he didn’t take us to Yieran right away. With such a threat looming over him the boy reluctantly took us to a secret door hidden in the floor of an ante-chamber. We went down the stairs and through a cold hallway until we reached another door. Chahil whispered something into it that I couldn’t quite hear but when he did the door opened silently.

Inside the room was a large machine and several dozen beds spread out in a circle around the room. Each bed had a dead body lain upon it, a single black scorch mark on each forehead. Magistrate Yieran, an older man with long grey hair, was bent over one of the bodies listening to something. That was when I noticed that the mouth of the dead man was moving and he was whispering something into Yieran’s ear!

“Are you here to hinder me or help me?” was all Yieran said to us. Our more charismatic party members decided to go with the diplomatic route and told Yieran that we were there to help. That was when we learned everything.

Several months ago the Devoirs discovered this machine deep within the mountains. The machine allowed the living to ask a single question of the recently deceased and the dead would answer the question. Many thought this would be a great boon to the town. A chance to speak to your loved ones one last time. It took a few weeks before the Devoirs realized that the dead answered every question with a lie. Several Devoirs including Yieran believed that the machine could be fixed and that not only would people be able to talk to loved ones, but maybe the machine could bring the dead back to life. Others disagreed and said that the machine should be turned off. This lead to a splintering of the order as Yieran and his followers tried to find ways to make the dead tell the truth while they studied the machine.

Unknown to them at the time, a psychic creature called Boregal was waking within the machine and he was terrified. He had forgotten how he got where he was. Boregal began sending out low level psychic signals which started affecting the local animal population. Driving them insane and making them aggressive. As Boregal’s power grew his range of influence grew as well. Eventually he began to affect the minds of the people within the Embered Peaks. Yieran was among the first affected.

With his mind already strained due to the splintering and his desire to be proven right, Boregal’s influence snapped what semblance of sanity remained. The argument between the Devoirs turned to violence and Yieran took his fresh supply of bodies and used them to further his research. The violence spread until the entire town had gone mad.

When we learned what had happened we wondered if we were safe around Yieran. But instead of attacking us he handed us this strange device on a stick and said, “I have killed as many as I dare and I have learned nothing. I would rather not have the machine at all than let it destroy the town I love. Cut him loose, or kill him. I cannot.” He then showed us to another room filled with debris and broken pieces of machinery. This is where we found Boregal.

Boregal may have once been human we honestly don’t know. When we found him he was a mass of black globes that glowed with a faint red light. Boregal called out psychically to be released from his prison. So we released him. At least we thought we did. Using the device Yieran gave us we disconnected the mass from the conduits on the wall. The globes began to pop and leak out this viscous fluid. But something else started to happen as well. We saw a small brain still contained within a black globe; Boregal. He was still trapped. His panic rose and his psychic powers began to erupt outward. It seems the mass of globes kept most of his abilities at bay.

Boregal began to collect bits and pieces of the room about him in a whirlwind of psychic energy. We stared transfixed as he created a body for himself made from wood, drit and machinery. Once he had collected together he lashed out in a rage attacking everything and everyone in the room. Forced to defend ourselves we managed to hold Boregal off while PRIS got in close and electrocuted the brain. The body fell apart and Boregal’s brain desiccated very quickly.

Burn With Me We took a moment to look around the room and make sure he was really down. Marla told us that the whispers she used to hear in her mind were gone. Boregal was dead. But we weren’t out of danger yet. We returned to the room where Yieran awaited us and were greeted with a gruesome surprise. The room was on fire and the doorway out had been sealed. Yieran and Chahil both lay dead on the ground. On the wall nearby, written in blood was the phrase, “Be seeing you. -D”. Smoke was quickly filling our lungs and the room was becoming impossibly hot as the fire spread.

We fled back into Boregal’s chamber and began looking for another way out. As smoke began to fill this room as well Rover found a secret hatch. He pried it open and found an access tunnel out of the room but deeper into the mountain. Taking point, Rover entered the tunnel and carefully began crawling through it. He was stopped suddenly when he caught a reflection of metal in his outstretched glowglobe. Thin wires of metal were laced throughout the tunnel, crisscrossing their way down. It was when Rover felt something land on his back that he realized a steel spider lived here.

Rover threw off his jacket with the steel spider trapped inside and began to beat the living hell out of his with the heaviest item he had on him. Eventually he managed to kill the creature and then focused his attention on the web before him. Steel Spider webs were tough and even most normal weapons couldn’t cut through them. He relayed the information back to us and Max produced a spray can which could melt any material it came in contact with. Using it sparingly Rover was able to clear away the spider webs and get us all out of Boregal’s room and into the access tunnel.

The tunnel extended about 100 feet and then we found ourselves staring into a huge and entirely dark room. Rover lit a torch and dropped it down outside the tunnel. We learned that the drop to the floor from our vantage point was about 40 feet. He took out some rope and we all climbed down into the room. Behind us the fire burned but for now we were safe. And lost within the great machine below the Embered Peaks.

Important Notes

  • Group gained 3xp for finding the truth about Boregal and ending his threat to the region
  • Marla found an artifact – a staff that has an electric tip and is good for stunning
  • Rover was re-designed by his player from a Jack into a Glaive to be more useful to the party
  • Heroes ended up deeper in the mountain, what secrets await in the dark places below?
With Friends Like These

Day 26

Light Swarm
Last night we witnessed a Light Swarm. It was absolutely breathtaking! One moment the village was dark and the next it was as bright as day. Small globes of blue light danced across the sky. They soared and wove through the village in a pattern both inspiring and unimaginable. It was truly a wonder to behold.

We learned a bit about them as well. Zhule studied the swarm closely as they danced and discovered that the light swarm is actually a transition phase for some unknown creature. He noted several small larvae burst through the globes and crawled into the forest surrounding the village. I know Zhule grabbed a few specimens for himself as well.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. We began our trek down to the Cylion Basin. At the moment we’ve made camp and are resting in a rather spartan Mouth Cairn. There is another group of three here. Looks like a family. They’re keeping to themselves though. A single man is sleeping far from the rest of us. He definitely wants to be left alone. Tomorrow we’ll reach the Basin. Then we’ll find Seria and Patel. And finally we will start to figure out what is causing all this insanity.

Day 27

Holy hell there aren’t any bandits in the region after all! Instead the “roving bandits” were actually one creature! Zhule called it a Zaelem. It was ugly, and quiet. So quiet. Long and flat, the creature had nearly a dozen six foot tall calcium deposits shaped vaguely like humans on horseback. Well, from a distance anyways. Up close it was just a mess of bone, flesh, rock, numenera, and anything else the creature ate. And it ate everything!

Last night it slithered quietly into camp and swallowed that solitary guy whole! It climbed over him, smothering him and then when it passed the guy and all his stuff were gone. Then it came for us. The creature reared up trying to smother PRIS but she was strong and held it aloft, revealing a toothy mouth underneath. The other quickly dispatched it, now able to easily strike at it’s weak underbelly.

We scavenged some cyphers and various useful parts from the calcified pillars on the Zaelem. Mario accidentally triggered a gas bomb and nearly knocked himself out, but he was okay. The other family was a lot more friendly to us after that.

Day 28

Cylion Basin was quiet a unique place. Large, multicolored pools lined the main thoroughfare. People were bathing and splashing in the pools, which seemed to heal minor cuts, bruises and illnesses. All around us were shops, carts, kiosks and other stands with various healing goods upon them. Scented candles, healing oils, potions, herbs, teas, and more. Yet each shop looked like it was low on stock. The vendors were extremely friendly and eager to sell us things to help heal our sick friends.

Max was clearly getting agitated at the vendors for pushing their wares instead of giving him straight answers to his questions. It seemed odd but then I remember that Max is rather antisocial and spends a lot of time alone in the wild. His social skills are a bit lacking. Eventually Mario got one of the vendors to tell us where to find Seria by simply giving in and buying a candle. He smiled, thanked us and then pointed us directly to the shop of a woman named Darvin who specialized in the brain.

Her shop was a crazy rewiring of several pieces of numenera as well as strange contraptions that could only be custom built. Lying on a nearby bed was Seria. She looked terrible. She writhed gently against the covers, trapped it seemed in some nightmare she couldn’t wake from. She was slightly wounded and more ominously, she was alone. Patel was nowhere to be seen and Darvin told us he never arrived with her.

Marla sat next to Seria and used her psychic abilities to try to reach into the young girl’s mind. What she saw inside was jumbled and broken. She saw the image of a man, his skin dark and heavily scarred. She saw Seria’s brother scream at her to run, and she saw blood. So much blood. The telepathic link left Marla tired, and a whispering took hold inside her mind.

Darvin informed everyone that she could help Seria but she would need some things from the Basin’s synth garden. The garden was just outside of town and grew all the synth plants that were used by the vendors in the region. Unfortunately a pack of broken hounds has become extremely aggressive and has taken over the garden. To help Seria we have to kill the hounds, scatter the pack and clear the garden.

Day 29

We made an enemy today. His name is Dakon. The broken hounds were in the garden just like Darvin said. They weren’t really a threat, though they did take a bit of a bite out of Zhule. He’ll be okay though. We were looking for the red metal leaves and the golden pear that Darvin requested when a man walked into the greenhouse. His skin was ebony and heavily scarred. He was equipped for travel and was wearing what appeared to be a thin, highly adaptable bio-armor. It was black but sometimes sections of it would appear to glow green, almost like blood lines. But they would fade so quickly you were never sure you saw anything. And the greatsword he had strapped to his back, just the sight of it gave me chills. There were several gems in the hilt and pommel, and they glowed this eerie blue grey color like the mist in moonlight.

He was terrifying. And yet he spoke with such a gentle tone. I think that made him even more terrifying. With every polite phrase that left his mouth I could feel my skin crawl. Every primal sense was telling me danger. Flee. He wanted Seria. He knew we knew her. He knew our movements, he had clearly tracked us. How long had he been watching us? The others wouldn’t give him Seria’s location. He tried bribing us. Marla told Dakon that Seria was dead and left on the side of the road. She said she could show him. At the time all I saw was Marla gasp and then Dakon politely say he will wait for us outside, then excused himself. What happened was that Marla discovered that Dakon was a telepath when he probed her mind and stole Seria’s location from her. We all knew that he was already on route to retrieve her.

As we chased after him I recalled the symbol I saw on his collar, he was a member of the Convergence. Zhule had heard of them. They were an order much like the Order of Truth, but where the Order of Truth use their knowledge for the benefit of all the Steadfast, the Convergence use it for their own personal gain. No doubt he wanted Seria for some experiment he or his master was conducting.

Dakon threw a web grenade at us to slow us down but it did little to effect us. Max, Zhule and Marla tried to attack him at a distance but their attacks bounced harmlessly off his armor. PRIS managed to engage him in melee and discovered first hand how horrific his sword was. With a single blow it sliced through her armor like it was not there and as it cut into her she could feel it drain her life energy away. Undaunted, she retaliated and smashed Dakon in the jaw. The crack was audible as her fist broke his face. Dakon stumbled back, pulled out a small device and vanished. We haven’t seen the last of him.

Day 30

Seria is doing much better now. She’s sporting some fancy new implants along her eyes and cheek thanks to Darvin. She told us that Dakon had lured her and Patel into a trap and then tried to steal from Seria’s mind. Patel defended her and told her to run. Then he stayed behind to keep Dakon from following. She heard him scream.

Seria said that something was alive and touching her mind. Something in the northwest near the Embered Peaks. It was driving the animals mad and it was giving her nightmares. The creature was afraid, but it was also cruel. Whatever it is, it has to be stopped.

Seria said that she had to find Patel’s body and return him to her family. She said she would take precautions and bring the remaining broken hounds with her as protection. Besides, Dakon is likely going to be more focused on the thing in the Embered Peaks. And on getting revenge on us. I am not looking forward to meeting him again.

We decided to head to the peaks in the morning. But in the night things got so much worse.

Important Notes

  • Gained 1XP for learning about the gestation cycles of the Light Swarm
  • Gained 1XP for taking the time to learn what each pool in the Cylion Basin heals and how it uses the nanotechnology. Cataloged for use by the Order of Truth
  • Learned about rival organization; the Convergence
  • Met Convergence member Dakon and made an enemy
  • Learned that Dakon killed Patel
  • Learned that some sort of psychic thing is buried somewhere in the Embered Peaks and that this thing is causing animals to become aggressive
The Natives are Restless

Journal Entry Day 17

Father Aquantis gave us our Numenera when we finished training at the Academy in Qi. It was a solemn ceremony but elegant. I can’t wait to learn what this cypher can do. He has ordered several of us on a pilgrimage to the Wandering Walk. The Walk is a rather strange road, weaving in and out of everything from hills to forests, inside buildings and under lakes. Many on the Walk discover great and wonderful Numenera.

The Cardinal has decreed that we must find the best Numenera we can and bring it back for the glory of the Steadfast. And so off we go.

Journal Entry Day 23

We have made camp in one of the many Mouth Cairns that dot the Walk. A ghastly ring made from the jawbones of Peregrines who died on the path. Some of the travelers say that the spirits of the Cairns keep them safe and offer a prayer. While I don’t believe in spirits I figured why take chances and offered my own silent prayer for safety.

Unfortunately it seems that safety was not to be found. The entire camp was abuzz with rumors of bandits attacking cairns at night. I wondered if bandits would come for us in the night as I closed my eyes. I admit I was rather surprised when I opened them the next morning just to discover I was still alive.

Journal Entry Day 24

The morning began nice enough and breakfast was hot. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Soon we heard the rumble of thunder and thought bandits had come for us at last. As I prepared to defend myself I saw the damnedest thing; a young man and a girl riding on a Scutimorph! The boy, his name Patel, was wounded apparently from defending his village. He claimed that his sister, Seria, was hurt and needed medical attention in the healing community of Cylion Basin, about a day or so to the southwest.

The girl was rather stubborn, claiming she could go herself. Patel insisted we take her so that he could return to his village and help his family. We decided that the best place for her was with her brother. The two of them traveled on to the Cylion Basin while we went north to the False Wood.

Journal Entry Day 25

We arrived at the forest early today. The False Wood definitely lived up to it’s name. Hundreds of tall pillars of synth floated a couple feet off the ground and a tattered weave of living mesh writhed in the breeze. Wrapped around each pillar was a gigantic scutimorph, giving the pillars a tree-like appearance. The pillars hummed with energy. These tubes were clearly generating some sort of power but for what purpose I may never know.

The scholar of our gang, Vhonn Zhule, began to copy the strange markings on the inside of the hollow tubes. Apparently they aggitating the scutimorph that was wrapped around the tube unwrapped itself and attacked us. It was a difficult challenge but Mario managed to slice out a chunk of its armor, revealing a weak spot that we exploited. Zhule extracted several glands from the scutimorph that we will put to good use.

We found the village by mid afternoon and saw that it had indeed been mostly destroyed. As we arrived the villagers took up weapons and I swear I thought they were going to attack me! But instead several Pallones flew down, spinning rapidly as they carved their way through the village.

We rushed to the village’s aid and managed to kill all the Pallones. PRIS got knocked out early in the fight and Mario suffered a serious gash in his shoulder. Zhule seemed to discover the key to causing a psychic overload and used a powerful psychic brainstorm to fry the nervous systems of most of the creatures.

Once the battle was over we began assisting the villagers in cleaning up their town. Zul cut himself a piece of the living mesh for study. The rest of us spoke to the villagers. We met Lowd, the village leader and his daughter Naedia. We learned that Patel and Seria are her children and that Seria may be the cause of these problems.

It seems that recently the Pallones have been driven to hostility. Seria is a Beale, and as such can manipulate animals. The people believe she may be the reason they’re so agitated. Lowd believes that she’s not the problem and that instead the problem comes from somewhere in the west, deep underground.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that something is affecting the animals in this region and as such no one is safe. Tomorrow we’ll find Seria and see what we can learn.

Important Notes

  • Seria and her brother Patel traveled alone to the Cylion Basin
  • Vhonn copied down the writing on the inside of the synth tubes for further study.
  • The heroes need to find Seria for more information as to why the animals in the region are becoming more aggressive.
  • The heroes learned that Lowd believes the reason for the animal problems comes from somewhere near the Embered Peaks in the west. They may want to investigate
A Long Day's End

The Cardinal

The Cardinal looked up from his manuscript and smiled as Father Aquantis entered the room. Age had started to draw lines on The Cardinal’s soft features. His salt and pepper hair was cropped short and in recent years The Cardinal had taken to wearing a small, embroidered skullcap to hide a growing bald spot. He adjusted his over-sized robes and motioned that Father Aquantis take the nearby seat. “The ritual is complete then?” He asked while pouring himself and his friend glasses of red wine.

Father Aquantis nodded as he took the wine glass from The Cardinal. “They were each given a Numenera and given their instructions. The latest crop has been assigned to The Wandering Walk.” He sipped at his wine, all the stresses of the day fading with each delicious drop.

“I’m not well informed about the Walk. Tell me more about it.” The Cardinal requested.

“The Wandering Walk is a road, if you can call it that. No one knows how long it is but many guess that it stretches the entire length of the world. It weaves through valleys, structures, mountains and forests. There does not seem to be a pattern or a reason to the road. It just, meanders. The road is dangerous at times. Many who seek to better their understanding of the Numenera begin pilgrimages where they follow the Walk for a ways. The Peregrines, a common nickname for the pilgrims, often bear blood scars that grow up their arms the longer they are on the walk.” Father Aquantis explained.

“Blood scars? What causes them?” The Cardinal looked intrigued.

“No one knows. But every Peregrine gains the scar eventually. It doesn’t appear to be harmful though.”

Chamber of Truth

The Cardinal leaned back in his chair and it creaked under his weight. “Sounds like an excellent teaching tool for new acolytes. Very wise choice my friend. Now we wait and see what they bring back, if they come back at all.”

Father Aquantis nodded. He continued to tell The Cardinal about each new acolyte. A tradition almost as ritualized as the Order’s ceremonies. Both men liked to know as much about each acolyte as they could. In the early days of their tradition Father Aquantis asked The Cardinal why he wanted to know about each new acolyte. The Cardinal simply replied, “Everyone deserves to be remembered by at least one person after they die.” Ever since Father Aquantis slept better knowing that most of the acolytes would be remembered by at least two people.


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