Camelot The Convergence

Father Aquantis bowed his head and held his hands over several cyphers. “Numenera, ancient and venerated. May you teach us so we may understand. May your mysteries be revealed so we may learn.” One by one he picked up a cypher and handed it reverently to the acolyte kneeling before him. “May this cypher teach you of itself when you need to learn it the most. May it protect you and aid you.”
After the priest finished handing out the cyphers he motioned for everyone in the temple to rise. “Go forth into the Beyond and learn. Bring that understanding back with you so that all may benefit. For the glory of the Steadfast, in the name of the Amber Pope. Amen.”

Numenera is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy game. Set over one billion years into the future of Earth, the people of the Ninth World are just starting to stand in the sun. Despite being a young civilization (only about 1,000 years old) the people are inundated with technology left over from the previous civilizations that once dwelt on Earth.

The Amber Pope has issued a mandate to all members of the Order of Truth to go out into the Beyond, the land past the borders of civilization, and return with knowledge of the Numenera to use to enrich the lives of everyone within the Steadfast. You are a soldier of the Order. You and your fellow brethren have traveled into the Beyond in search of knowledge and the unknown.

The heroes begin the adventure in the Beyond along the Wadering Walk. The heroes are camped out at one of the Mouth Cairns, a shallow circular hollow lined with a short wall made from the jawbones of fallen Peregrine pilgrims. Evening has fallen and everyone at camp is starting to sit down to dinner and ghost stories.

Camelot: The Convergence

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