Camelot: The Convergence

The Natives are Restless

Journal Entry Day 17

Father Aquantis gave us our Numenera when we finished training at the Academy in Qi. It was a solemn ceremony but elegant. I can’t wait to learn what this cypher can do. He has ordered several of us on a pilgrimage to the Wandering Walk. The Walk is a rather strange road, weaving in and out of everything from hills to forests, inside buildings and under lakes. Many on the Walk discover great and wonderful Numenera.

The Cardinal has decreed that we must find the best Numenera we can and bring it back for the glory of the Steadfast. And so off we go.

Journal Entry Day 23

We have made camp in one of the many Mouth Cairns that dot the Walk. A ghastly ring made from the jawbones of Peregrines who died on the path. Some of the travelers say that the spirits of the Cairns keep them safe and offer a prayer. While I don’t believe in spirits I figured why take chances and offered my own silent prayer for safety.

Unfortunately it seems that safety was not to be found. The entire camp was abuzz with rumors of bandits attacking cairns at night. I wondered if bandits would come for us in the night as I closed my eyes. I admit I was rather surprised when I opened them the next morning just to discover I was still alive.

Journal Entry Day 24

The morning began nice enough and breakfast was hot. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Soon we heard the rumble of thunder and thought bandits had come for us at last. As I prepared to defend myself I saw the damnedest thing; a young man and a girl riding on a Scutimorph! The boy, his name Patel, was wounded apparently from defending his village. He claimed that his sister, Seria, was hurt and needed medical attention in the healing community of Cylion Basin, about a day or so to the southwest.

The girl was rather stubborn, claiming she could go herself. Patel insisted we take her so that he could return to his village and help his family. We decided that the best place for her was with her brother. The two of them traveled on to the Cylion Basin while we went north to the False Wood.

Journal Entry Day 25

We arrived at the forest early today. The False Wood definitely lived up to it’s name. Hundreds of tall pillars of synth floated a couple feet off the ground and a tattered weave of living mesh writhed in the breeze. Wrapped around each pillar was a gigantic scutimorph, giving the pillars a tree-like appearance. The pillars hummed with energy. These tubes were clearly generating some sort of power but for what purpose I may never know.

The scholar of our gang, Vhonn Zhule, began to copy the strange markings on the inside of the hollow tubes. Apparently they aggitating the scutimorph that was wrapped around the tube unwrapped itself and attacked us. It was a difficult challenge but Mario managed to slice out a chunk of its armor, revealing a weak spot that we exploited. Zhule extracted several glands from the scutimorph that we will put to good use.

We found the village by mid afternoon and saw that it had indeed been mostly destroyed. As we arrived the villagers took up weapons and I swear I thought they were going to attack me! But instead several Pallones flew down, spinning rapidly as they carved their way through the village.

We rushed to the village’s aid and managed to kill all the Pallones. PRIS got knocked out early in the fight and Mario suffered a serious gash in his shoulder. Zhule seemed to discover the key to causing a psychic overload and used a powerful psychic brainstorm to fry the nervous systems of most of the creatures.

Once the battle was over we began assisting the villagers in cleaning up their town. Zul cut himself a piece of the living mesh for study. The rest of us spoke to the villagers. We met Lowd, the village leader and his daughter Naedia. We learned that Patel and Seria are her children and that Seria may be the cause of these problems.

It seems that recently the Pallones have been driven to hostility. Seria is a Beale, and as such can manipulate animals. The people believe she may be the reason they’re so agitated. Lowd believes that she’s not the problem and that instead the problem comes from somewhere in the west, deep underground.

Whatever the cause, it is clear that something is affecting the animals in this region and as such no one is safe. Tomorrow we’ll find Seria and see what we can learn.

Important Notes

  • Seria and her brother Patel traveled alone to the Cylion Basin
  • Vhonn copied down the writing on the inside of the synth tubes for further study.
  • The heroes need to find Seria for more information as to why the animals in the region are becoming more aggressive.
  • The heroes learned that Lowd believes the reason for the animal problems comes from somewhere near the Embered Peaks in the west. They may want to investigate


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