Mercenary of the Convergence


Level – 4 (12)
Motive – Bring down the Order of Truth
Health – 22
Armor – 4
Damage Inflicted – 6
Movement – Short

Modification – Melee attacks are at level 5. Defends against mental attacks at level 6.

Combat – Dakon, while extremely intelligent and crafty, often prefers the direct approach to combat. He identifies the weakest foes and focuses his attacks on them first. He likes to use cyphers and artifacts to give him any advantage he can gain. A talented tactician, Dakon will often scout terrain and find the best spot to attack from and then he unleashes everything he has once his enemies have sprung the trap.

Dakon is mildly telepathic, which lets him foresee enemy actions before they happen. Dakon has a 1 in 10 chance of gleaning advanced actions from any of his targets, helping him avoid danger. (Each round an enemy successfully hits Dakon with an attack, roll 1d10. On a 1 reroll the attack and take the second roll.)

His greatsword has 7 crystals inlaid with the pommel. Each crystal can store a single soul. Whenever Dakon defeats an enemy his sword sucks their soul into itself, giving it enhanced power. His sword always has at least 1d6-1 souls within it.

Effects the sword gains per soul (each gain is cumulative with the previous souls):

  • 0 souls – No special effects
  • 1 soul – +1 damage
  • 2 souls – +2 damage
  • 3 souls – Attacks gain one level (effectively making his melee attacks level 6)
  • 4 souls – Attacks begin to drain soul energy before death. Each round enemies that have been hit by the sword must make a Might defense roll or lose 1d6+3 pool points (ignores armor)
  • 5 souls – All attacks ignore armor
  • 6 souls – Attacks may target Might, Speed or Intellect defenses (Dakon’s choice)
  • 7 souls – +3 damage (all damage bonus’ stack creating a +6 bonus total)
  • Dakon may absorb of a soul to restore 2d6 hit points

Interaction – Dakon is a man driven by a single principle: “The needs of the few, outweigh the needs of the many”. He believes in the freedom of the individual and the power of the minority over majority opression. Dakon believes that the Order of Truth is a tyrannical organization that seeks to subvert the freedom and free-will of the Steadfast. To that end he joined with the Convergence in order to help free the people of the Steadfast and allow them the opportunity to grow without “Father watching us always”. He is a fair man but is quick to dish out harsh justice. He uses the Numenera to whatever purpose he needs but he views it as a tool and nothing more.

Use – The Convergence is aware that the Order of Truth is sending envoys into the Beyond for use in their war against the Gaians. Dakon was sent into the Beyond to find any of these agents, bring them down, take any secrets they have found and give them to the Convergence. He has been extremely effective so far.

Loot – Dakon typically has 2d6 shins, 1d6 cyphers and 1 artifact (other than his sword).



Dakon grew up in a small town within the Steadfast. When he was young he started to develop psychic abilities that frightened most of the local townsfolk. Terrified of his abilities, Dakon’s parents forced him from their home. He fled to Qi where he lived on the streets until his teenage years when a Aeon Priest took him in and tried to help Dakon develop his psychic abilities.

Dakon developed as a telepath for several years as he studied the Numenera with the aeon priest. He also found he had a passion for martial skills and developed his sword arm. When he was 17 he learned that the priest who was assisting him was planning to plug him into a secret Numenera that the Order of Truth had hidden away to study his psychic power. Feeling betrayed Dakon fled the Steadfast and wandered the Beyond for over a decade.

Eventually he found the Convergence. His anger over the betrayal was fueled by the organization which used it to turn him into a weapon against the Order. Now Dakon acts as a fixer for the Convergence, cleaning up messes and taking out troublesome members of the Order of Truth.

Interaction with the Heroes

Dakon was tasked with finding strange and powerful Numenera and bringing back to the Convergence for study. During his travels he discovered a girl with a rare and powerful mutation. She was a Beale and could influence the minds of animals. He knew that she was exactly what the Convergence was looking for. As he made his way to intercept her he found that she seemed to be at the center of some strange occurrences within the region.

Seeing the signs of some powerful Numenera hidden somewhere nearby, Dakon decided to watch and wait. An opportunity to take her presented itself when a swarm of Pallones attacked her village. Before he could get to her he discovered she and her brother had fled the village looking for help. Cursing his luck, Dakon followed.

He first saw the heroes the night that Seria arrived in their camp. He recognized them as members of the Order of Truth and knew they would be trouble. Before he had decided how he would deal with them Dakon was granted a stroke of luck. The heroes traveled alone to the False Forest while Seria was left with only her wounded brother to defend her.

He quickly caught up to the pair on the road and introduced himself. He informed them that he was interested in helping her and that he would be honored to provide escort. Neither Patel nor Seria seemed to trust him but they went along with him. Dakon asked as many questions as he felt he could get away with but found the pair to be rather tight lipped.

At night Dakon tried to probe the girl’s mind while she slept. He was surprised to find strong telepathic barriers active even while she slept. Dakon quickly identified the telepathic presence was not the girl’s but it alerted her to his presence. Seria awoke with a scream and Patel rushed to her side. Things turned violent very quickly. Patel pulled Seria to her feet and screamed at her to run, then he turned and lunged at Dakon.

The boy was no real threat and Dakon felt sorry for him as his sword cut deep into Patel’s chest. He felt the cold wind of Patel’s soul pass through the metal, fusing with the crystal imbedded in the pommel. He scanned around him, searching the dark but Seria was long gone. Dakon cursed at the waste and gathered his things in pursuit.

Dakon found the group of Truth members before he found Seria. He figured it would be easier to let them find her for him. He introduced himself and let the heroes know that he was interested in meeting with Seria. The members of the Order were belligerent and aggressive to Dakon despite his attempts at hospitality. Once he realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere with them he changed tactics and tried telepathic scans. One of the Order members was a telepath however and sensed his presence. Her mind wasn’t strong enough to block his and Dakon was able to get the location of Seria from her.

He quickly excused himself and began to sprint to the Cylion Basin. The Order members realized what was happening and pursued him. Dakon tried to trap them in place with a web grenade but they got free and engaged him in melee. His defenses were far superior to their offenses but they were creative. One strong woman hit him so hard across the jaw that he felt the bone break. Dakon quickly activated his emergency teleport and escaped to fight another day.


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